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Juicing Without Cleaning – JUISIR

Juicing Without Cleaning – JUISIR

The problem with juicing is that it’s way too much work. The drinking is easy, while the cleaning is a nightmare. JUISIR is an affordable tabletop cold press juicer that’s been specially engineered to press nutrient dense, raw products into a glass in only 90 seconds without the cleaning. It works with the uniquely designed juicing bags which completely separate fruit & vegetables from the machine, meaning JUISIR never needs to be cleaned. Cut up the fruit or vegetables you want to juice, drop them in the specially designed juicing bag, put the bag inside the machine, then start, and your juice comes out. The clean up? Simply recycle the bag or reuse it – that’s it, super easy!! JUISIR, a powerful, fast, and effortless juicing machine.




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